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Name of facility:Kobe Hotel Fruit Flower Bridal
Business hours 9:00 to 17:00

Limited to 1 Group per Day! Mansion-style wedding

Welcome! Flowers and greenery surrounded by Kobe foreign country, Kobe Hotel Fruit Flower to Bride's House....
Since it is a private wedding with only one group per day, you can shoot at your own location!

KOBE Fruits & Flower Park boasts a vast site.
A guest house with a European-style appearance"Bride's House"
And a chapel that feels the warmth of wood"Concert hall"
Surrounded by abundant nature, a mansion-style original wedding at Fruits & Flower Park
Our staff will create the best time for both of you, full of dreams and hopes.
  • Notice of closure

    Thank you for using Bride's House on a regular basis.
    Novel Coronavirus and the safety of customers and employees first
    It will be temporarily closed

    Temporary closure period
    It will be temporarily closed for the time being from Tuesday, April 25, 3rd year of Reiwa.

    ◆Regarding the possibility of future changes
    The holiday period may change depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
  • 【Ceremony Style ~ Concert Hall ~】

    A chapel and music hall surrounded by flowers and greenery.
    The light shining down from the 9m high stained glass illuminates their future.
    • ●Christ wedding

      The pleasant sound of the choir and the harmony of the organist ...
      A cozy wedding will come true even in a quiet and elegant atmosphere.
    • ●Public ceremony

      Surrounded by important family and friends, a public ceremony where you pledge and acknowledge your love.
      Bundle flowers with everyone's thoughts,
      I was deeply moved by the bouquet ceremony that the groom gave to the bride.
  • 【Wedding Cuirine ~ Wedding food ~】

    Coordinating seasonal local ingredients and carefully selected ingredients with the skill of the chef.
    Bride's House's wedding menu is a special dish that brings happiness.

    ●French Cuisine
    French cuisine with a focus on fragrance and gorgeousness with the concept of flowers and greenery.

    ●Japanese & Western style mixed
    A mixture of Japanese and Western styles of harmony between Japanese and Western styles that make the best use of the individuality of each material.
    • 【French Cuisine】Borheur(Borheur)

      Single:11,000 yen
    • 【French Cuisine】Plaisir(Plaisir - Joy)

      Single:14,300 yen
    • 【French Cuisine】Cherie(Cherie - To my love)

      Single:16,500 yen
    • 【Japanese & Western style mixed】sum(Nagomi)

      Single:11,000 yen
    • 【Japanese & Western style mixed】edge(Enishi)

      Single:14,300 yen
    • 【Japanese & Western style mixed】Kagayaki(Hikari)

      Single:16,500 yen
  • 【Reception / Party Venue ~ Bride's House ~】

    A mansion-style wedding with only one group per day.
    Everything in this facility is for only two people.Only one original wedding in the world will come true.
    • Orchid ~ Orchid ~

      Up to 80 people.
      When you open the skylight, a shower of light pours down and the atmosphere of the venue changes.
      You can enjoy various productions.
    • Lilac

      Up to 40 people.
      A warm space where the natural light from the large windows is comfortable.
      On the balcony, you can enjoy the hospitality of the dessert buffet.
    • Freejia

      Up to 20 people.
      Orchid, an elegant and elegant venue.
      A 360-degree private space surrounded by the sky and forest.
      Enjoy a blissful time with your family and close friends in a bright and warm atmosphere.
    • ●Entrance ~ Entrance ~

      The entrance that welcomes important customers.
      You can freely decorate with your photos and welcome board to welcome them like you.
    • ●Hoyet ~ Foyer / Waiting ~

      A private space where you can relax as if you were invited to a large mansion.
      Enjoy hospitality with a welcome drink.
    • ●Free Space ~ Circuit ~

      Since it is limited to one group per day, everything in this facility is for only two people.
      Find your favorite place and take a special photo.
  • Website

    Mansion-style wedding with only one pair per day,
    This is the official account of Kobe Hotel Fruit Flower"Bride's House
    Fruits & Flower Park Ozo" located in the northern part of Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture,
    A space full of nature surrounded by flowers and greenery.A happy wedding will come true.