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Hot springs / facilities

Hot spring / Facility

  • Ozo Onsen Kinsenka-no-yu

    A hot spring for play and healing Kobe Ozo Onsen is an open-air bath of Kinsenka-no-yu" that is rich in iron and sodium.
    You can enjoy 9 types of hot water such as whirlpool bath, hitase hot water, pressure injection bath, sleeping bath, and sauna.
    Ozo Onsen has a reddish-brown color, is a hot spring that contains a large amount of high-quality iron.
    Many repeaters come to spa treatment because it is effective for neuralgia and chronic digestive diseases.
    Please spend a luxurious time enjoying the hot springs in the magnificent nature.

    In addition, there are steam saunas, hot springs, and cold springs.
    Please spend a relaxing time with various baths while healing your daily fatigue.

    In the middle of nature, there is a hot spring with golden smiles.

    Hot spring bath hours
    One-day hot springs 14:00 to 23:00 (last reception is 30 minutes before each) No regular holidays
    Hot spring qualities
    Iron-containing-sodium / calcium-chloride low hot spring / hypertonic / weakly acidic / low hot spring
    Ozo Onsen is the brown color.
    It is said that when the colorless and transparent hot water that springs up from the ground 1,200 m underground is exposed to the air, the iron contained in the hot water is oxidized and the color turns brown.
    Although it has a high iron and salt content, the spring quality is weakly acidic and gentle on the skin, and it has excellent effects on neuralgia, chronic digestive diseases, chronic skin diseases, and poor circulation.
    In addition, iron before oxidation may appear on the oil surface like an oil film, which is evidence of fresh flowing water.
    Neuralgia / Muscle communication / Joint pain / Frozen shoulder / Motor paralysis / Joint stiffness / Uchimi / Kujiki / Chronic digestive disease / Hemorrhage / Cold sensitivity / Post-illness recovery period / Fatigue recovery / Cut wound / Health promotion / Burn / Chronic skin disease / Weakness Child / Chronic gynecological illness / Menstrual disorder
    The following people should not take a bath.
    ・Those with infectious diseases.
    ・Those who have been stopped from bathing by a doctor due to high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.
    ・Those who are drunk or who bother others.
    ・Those who have tattoos.

    *Business hours and the above response periods are subject to change depending on circumstances.
     In that case, we will inform you on our website.
    *If you are a group customer, please make a reservation before you come.

    Rental towel:Paid(250 yen)/Coupon:Yes
    Double points DAY on Wednesday!
    Usage fee
    One-day hot spring adult(Junior high school students and above):800 yen/Children(Elementary school-aged children):400 yen/Infants(3 years old ~):200 yen  
  • Fitness gym

    Kobe Ozo Onsen, so you can feel free to refresh yourself.
    Please use it to improve your health.
    Free of charge for hotel guests.

    *When using the gym, please be sure to wear indoor shoes.
    *A separate fee will be charged for renting shoes, clothing and towels.
    *When it is crowded, we may have to wait or set a time system.

    We sell fitness and hot spring set tickets! ~We have stopped selling for the time being~

    Hot spring bath hours
    From 14:00 to 20:00(Reception closed 19:30)
    Usage fee
    Hot spring bathing + fitness gym:1,500 yen/Hot spring bathing + fitness gym usage coupon(5 times):5,000 yen
  • Shop ~ Souvenir Shop ~

    The lobby shop next to the front desk on the 1st floor of the hotel is a shop where you can Kobe and Kansai, fresh local vegetables, fashionable miscellaneous goods, clothing, and daily necessities.
    We also have suitcases, stationery, and hygiene products, which are convenient.
    We also have snacks, sake, beer, children's toys, etc., so please have a look.

    A selection of recommended wines and souvenirs

  • Pool Plaza≪Limited to Summer≫

    Three sides of the pool that extends in front of the eyes of the beautiful Hotel Fruit Flower which simulates the Rijksmuseum (The Museum of the Netherlands) in the summer!

    This summer-only pool is very spacious and open, giving you the feeling of being in a foreign resort.

    The air is very clean, and it's a bit different from a normal pool!

    It is an outdoor pool full of openness!

    Hot spring bath hours
    July 17th (Saturday) -August 31st (Tuesday), 2021 11:00 to 17:00(Reception closed 16:00)
    *Business may be closed depending on the weather and other conditions.
     Novel Coronavirus Disease, we may impose admission restrictions and time restrictions on the pool during times of congestion.
    *You can bring your own one-touch tent.No assembly tents are allowed.
    Usage fee
    Adult(s)(Junior high school students and above):1,800 yen/Children(3 years old to elementary school students):800 yen

About Pool Plaza / Water Athletic

Request for using Pool Plaza

●Please refrain from decorating the pool with glasses, watches, necklaces, etc.(Valuables cannot be stored)
●Please refrain from using oil.
●Not available to those with various symptoms such as drunkenness, high blood pressure, and heart disease.
●We do not allow entry into the water with a swimsuit and a T-shirt.(Rush guard possible)
●Do not run by the pool.Do not dive into the pool.
●Please do not enter the poolside with your shoes.
●The pool is completely non-smoking.
●You can bring in food and drink, but please cooperate in taking out the garbage.
●Water entry under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
●Parents should be careful about their children.
●Rubber boats, flippers, and paddles cannot be used.
●Animals (pets, etc.) are not allowed.
●For your safety, follow the instructions of the pool guard.
●Swimming may be suspended due to bad weather (thunderstorms).Please understand.
●You can also use it with swim diapers.(Paper diapers are not allowed)

About the use of water athletics

●Children from 3 years old to 4th grade must be accompanied by a guardian.
Parents are also required to wear swimsuits and enter the pool together.Parents are also charged.
Children are required to wear a life jacket.(Free rental) Those under the age of 2 are not allowed to enter.
●Those who are in the 5th grade or above can enter by themselves, but those who are not confident in swimming or who can not see their faces at a depth of 120 cm
Please wear a life jacket or accompany a guardian to enter.
●For your safety, please follow the staff's instructions regarding the use of water athletics.
●There is a limit to the number of people who can enter, so you may have to wait when it is crowded.
●Water athletics are located inside Pool Plaza, so admission to Pool Plaza is required.

【Q】Can I bring in water play goods and toys?

【A】Floats, beach balls and goggles (plastic only) floats are available.
Please understand that you may be asked to refrain from doing so during times of congestion.

【Q】Can I bring in food and drink?

"A" Yes, you can.Use the poolside chairs and tables and benches near the children's pool.
Please take your food and drink garbage home with you.

【Q】Do you sell pool supplies?

【A】It will be sold at the hotel shop.

【Q】Is it possible to rent floats and towels?

【A】I am very sorry.We do not rent at all.

【Q】Is there a machine to inflate the float?

【A】We have an air pump that can be automatically inserted next to the pool entrance gate.

【Q】I have tattoos (TATOO), can I use them?

【A】Please refrain from entering those who have tattoos or TATOO.

【Q】Would you like to put your glasses on in the pool?

【A】For your safety, please refrain from swimming with your glasses on.It is available by the pool.

【Q】Is it possible to enter only elementary school students?

【A】Please refrain from entering only children under elementary school age.Please enter with a guardian.

【Q】How old can it be used by children?

【A】There is no age limit.For small children, it is not possible to enter the water with the diaper on, so please use water play pants.

【Q】How old can the 25m pool be used?

【A】Available for children over 5th grade.Those other than the above should swim with their parents.