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For the time being, only the barbecue terrace is open

【Opening Hours】11:00 to 15:30 (LO14: 30) 17:00 to 20:30(LO19:00)
(For the time being, in order to reduce the health risk of customers and employees due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus
We will suspend night game business for general customers.

For the time being from September, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only 11:00 to 15:00 (LO14: 00) Night game business is closed
Please come to the barbecue house in the Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station)

State of Emergency Declaration,Alcohol sales and for the time being,
We do not allow alcohol to be brought in.

*We do not allow drunk driving or underage drinking.
*It is self-service.
*Reservations can be made from 30 people or more.
(Travel agencies can make reservations for 30 people or less.)
  • BBQ Terrace / BBQ House

    【BBQ terrace with open nature and breeze & BBQ house with air conditioning】
    Fun and lively with families, groups and couples!
    Since it is all-weather and equipped with air conditioning, you can easily enjoy BBQ empty-handed in summer, winter or rainy days.
    Fruits & Flower Park is an all-weather facility that can accommodate about 1,500 people and is fully equipped with ingredients and a stove, so you can enjoy barbecue anytime with no hands.

    The stove fee and facility usage fee are free.The BBQ area will be a 2-hour system.
    Please accept at the shop inside the barbecue house.

    【In case of bringing in】
    1,000 yen (tax included) per person for elementary school students and above, no carry-on fee for preschoolers.

    【When all purchases are made at the barbecue area】
    If you do not bring your own, you can use it without a carry-on fee.
  • General plan

    ■Couple set(For 2 to 3 people)
    Japanese black beef (special) x 1 / Japanese black beef (normal) x 1 / seafood x 1/
    Sausage x 1 / Vegetable pack x 2 / Rice x 2
    5,750 yen → 5,000 yen(Tax included)

    ■Family set(For 4 to 6 people)
    Special Japanese Black (Special) x 1 / Japanese Black Beef (Top) x 1 / Japanese Black Beef (Normal) x 3/
    Seafood x 2 / Sausage x 2 / Vegetable pack x 2 / Rice x 4
    11,020 yen → 10,000 yen(Tax included)

    *Other single items are available for sale.(Purchased in the barbecue house.)
    Special Japanese black beef (domestic) 1,400 yen / Japanese black beef (domestic) 1,200 yen
    Average Japanese black beef (domestic) 900 yen / Scallop / shrimp 1,320 yen
    Vegetable pack 550 yen / Corn 330 yen
    Sausage 550 yen / Rice 220 yen

    Canned beer 350㎖ 400 yen / Canned beer 500㎖ 500 JPY / Draft beer 600 yen
    All-free barrel raw 350 yen / Non-alcoholic beer 300 yen
    Highball 350㎖ 300 yen / Can Chu-Hi 300 yen, etc.
  • Group set menu

    Reservation required! Over 30 people! Danzen deals set plan!
    Travel agencies can make reservations for up to 30 people.
    Tel:078-954-1002(Hotel Reservation Section)

    ■Special Japanese black beef set
    Special Japanese black beef(120g)/sausage/Vegetables/rice/Oolong Tea
    1 serving:2,800 yen(Tax included)

    ■Japanese black beef set
    Wagyu Beef(120g)/sausage/Vegetables/rice/Oolong Tea
    1 serving:2,300 yen(Tax included)

    ■Special Manpuku set
    Special Japanese black beef (120g) / sausage / shrimp / scallop / vegetables / rice / oolong tea
    1 serving:4,100 yen(Tax included)

    ■Manpuku set
    Japanese black beef (120g) / sausage / shrimp / scallop / vegetables / rice / oolong tea
    1 serving:3,600 yen(Tax included)

    ■Student group menu(100 or more people)
    Wagyu Beef(80g)/pork(80g)/Vegetables/sausage(Two)/rice/Oolong Tea
    1 serving:2,200 yen(Tax included)